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About James

Having worked in the creative industry for more than 10 years, both agency and client side, I use my extensive branding, design and content creation knowledge to work with companies or high profile individuals to grow their brands and solidify their brand stories.


As the core creative, I am integral to ensure a brand, its content, or culture is of the highest quality. I am a self-starter who is organized, detail-oriented, tenacious and can make well-informed decisions. Being extremely passionate about delivering the best creative, I can switch between art directing layouts to directing shoots, from conceptualizing campaigns to creative writing. I have guardianship of brands in LA, New York, London and New Zealand. Some of my clients, past and present, include GlaxoSmithKline,, Jucy, Vomo Fiji Resort and Kathy Griffin.


My work has garnered worldwide exposure and featured in magazines such as Adweek and Entertainment Weekly.

Current projects

Current projects

Nita web.jpg


Nita is a feisty character who helps women navigate their lives. Think Dr Seuss meets ...


The creator of Nita's World approached me to develop Nita's online presence and a create strategy to introduce Nita and friends to the world. Because of interest from publishers we had to prioritize building a microsite to tell Nita's story, we are simultaneously building a larger, more interactive web presence that will launch soon.


Home Entertaining Guru, Nicola Alpe, is building out her online presence where her followers learn best practice for entertaining at home. We are creating an online space where her recipes, blog and podcast will live.

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