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This Los Angeles based fitness company came to me at its inception. The founder, Adel, had a plan to create a new personal fitness offering that went beyond just training and workouts; creating a network of health advisors and personal chefs to help people on their well-being and fitness journeys. I developed a brand strategy and created a brand bible that I used to ideate and develop every element and asset PRO FIT needed, from digital to print.

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The web design and development was done solely by me. PRO FIT had budget restrictions so bringing a team of designers/photographers wasn't a viable option. Being very hands-on, I have the skills to build websites and mobile sites. As the business evolves so does the online presence. 


With PRO FIT just emerging into the fitness world I had to build out a content library. I shot numerous set-ups and edited together countless videos and online elements for PRO FIT to use across their social media and online spaces.

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