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The Ultimate Red Velvet Cake


red velvet cake pattern-01.jpg

The Ultimate Red Velvet Cake is a very new brand developed in 2021, since COVID there has been an increase in small business ventures and people utilizing their greatest skills to make some extra money. This company wanted a simple yet stand-out brand identity that would get noticed online.

Red Velvet


Once the brand identity was set, we knew utilizing the red icon was going to be a huge focus, getting it across as many things as possible in the packaging and even atop of the cake, so consumers know straight away exactly which cake this is, not just any red velvet cake .. the ultimate.


Social media is the main focus for attracting new business so the plan has been to create delicious video content for platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. Keeping things 'no frills' and letting the cake speak for itself has been a key decision with video content creation.

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